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Equipment & Software

The Collaborative provides access to equipment and software for a variety of data collection modalities as illustrated in the figure and table below.

Biosensors available through the collaborative

Equipment and Software
Automated facial expression coding: Noldus FaceReader / iMotions Emotient
Behavioral coding: Noldus The Observer XT
Experiment design & stimuli presentation: E-Prime 2 / E-Prime 3 / DirectRT / MediaLab / iMotions Core / Tobii Studio
EDA/GSR: Shimmer 3 GSR+ / BioNomadix EDA & PPG
EEG: ABM B-Alert X10
EKG: Shimmer ExG / ABM B-Alert X10
EMG: Shimmer ExG / BioNomadix EMG2
Eye tracking: Tobii TX300 / Tobii X2-60 Compact
Grip Strength/Pull Strength: Biopac TSD121C Hand Dynamometer
Optical pulse: Shimmer 3 GSR+ / BioNomadix EDA & PPG
Respiration: Shimmer ExG
Skin temperature: Shimmer Bridge Amplifier + Probe
Video recording: Logitech HD Webcam C920
Video editing: Mac Pro / Adobe Creative Cloud
Web survey: Qualtrics
Synchronized, multi-modal data collection: BIOPAC MP150 / iMotions / Cedrus StimTracker
Accelerometers: APDM

See our Labs page for available research space.