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Research Support Services

Our goal is to support the entire research life cycle
The Collaborative provides comprehensive, customized support to researchers working to connect biological data and social/behavioral data.

Free services:

Consultations – (*initial session free)
The Collaborative offers a variety of consultations to help you get started with the complexities of biosocial research or to work with you on developing new methods. We are especially interested in spaces where methods don’t exist for collecting and analyzing data.

Collaborator connections
Looking for expertise to help conduct biosocial research? The Collaborative can assist in matchmaking potential collaborators.

Grant Proposal Support

  • Collaboration for methods innovation
  • Budget estimates for grant proposals
  • Facilities and Resources documents for grant proposals

Available through recharge rates:

Research Management
We work with investigators to manage and monitor studies conducted using the U-M HomeLab. We provide Research Assistants who are trained on the specific technology and sometimes to work alongside the investigator’s research assistants.

IRB support
The Collaborative has extensive experience submitting IRB applications for projects involving the use of multiple data channels/sensors and can help you with your submission.

Participant Recruitment
The Collaborative provides expertise and resources to facilitate participant recruitment and scheduling. We have extensive experience recruiting using the health research studies, psychology and communications pool. In addition, we have had success using Facebook advertising to recruit study participants.

Data Management
If you are working on a lab research project with the Collaborative, you will be provided with the raw data files or you can choose to have the Collaborative pre-process the data. In addition, you can choose to work with the Collaborative on the analysis.

For more information, please contact [email protected]