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Vic Strecher
Vic Strecher

Can Purpose Help Us in Hard Times?

Greater Good Science Center Magazine 3/2/22

According to a Harris-Kumanu survey conducted in October 2020, only a third of U.S. employees know their company’s purpose. And less than a third feel that they—or their coworkers—share that purpose. Without a sense of shared purpose at work, the survey found, people are not only less engaged at work but also more depressed and anxious.

Right now, under the threat of COVID-19, it might not seem like the time to be talking about purpose. People around the world are facing unprecedented stress and anxiety, unemployment, and loss. But based on our work with organizations, as well as the research we’ve done on well-being and purpose as professors at the University of Michigan, we believe that purpose is particularly relevant in challenging times.

In the midst of the pandemic, we sat down for a conversation about finding purpose in times of uncertainty, hosted by the University of Michigan’s Center for Positive Organizations.

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