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Vic Strecher
Vic Strecher

Purpose Allows People To Do What Matters Most

Thrive Global 4/25/19

At the Health & Benefits Leadership Conference in Las Vegas, behavior scientist Vic Strecher talked about purpose.  The University of Michigan professor taught that people who pay attention to applying your best self to what matters most, function better.

Purpose matters.  Without it, people get sick and die.  Research has shown that when a person has a clear purpose or deep intrinsic motivation, there’s an increased likelihood that they have good resilience, DNA repair, antibody production, longevity, sleep improvement, diet improvement, smoking cessation, job satisfaction, and are less resistant to change.

On the flip side, if there isn’t a sense of purpose, people experience a decrease in resolving cognitive conflict, higher fear response, are pro-inflammatory, have decreased cell production, and they are more prone to suffer from depression, stroke, heart attack, Alzheimer’s, and burnout.

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