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Mary Heitzeg
Mary Heitzeg

How Marijuana Can Change Your Relationship To Money

The Fresh Toast 2/25/19

Although the cannabis industry is one of the largest growing businesses sectors in the United States, a state-by-state endeavor that is expected to swell into a $150 billion market within the next couple of years, some of the science published over the years finds that cannabis users are not exactly pillars of capitalism.

Apparently, people who smoke marijuana do not care as much about money as their sober counterparts, according to Live Science.

A few years ago, researchers at the University of Michigan asked people to participate in a game where they could win a sum of money. While most people’s brains naturally fire up whenever the prospect of winning cash is on the table—producing the feel-good chemical dopamine—this was not the reaction of people who used marijuana. Lead study author Mary Heitzeg suggests that for marijuana users “there is not as much pleasure that is being received from something that would naturally give somebody pleasure.”

Now, to some, the idea of putting less of an emphasis on the almighty dollar might not sound like a bad idea. But researchers believe the results could be an indication that regular cannabis use is changing the pleasure output of our brains, which could make some people more susceptible to dependency issues.

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