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Stuart Soroka

Headshot of Stuart Soroka, a BioSocial Methods member.

Those who love Trump and those who hate him are paying the most attention to him

Scott Clement
October 31, 2018

“Washington, political pundits and the media seem to be constantly in the throes of one Trump-dominated news cycle or another. The focus on the president is so sharp from those types that it’s hard to gauge how much average voters are following the news and just which stories they are focusing on. 

A newly released SurveyMonkey poll finds that while Trump is not on the ballot this year, Americans are consuming a remarkable amount of news about him in the final month of the midterm campaigns. The survey from Oct. 10 to 15 asked how much they saw, read or heard about Trump in the previous week: 65 percent said they heard ‘a lot’ about Trump, while 21 percent said ‘a little’ and merely 13 percent said ‘not much.’ That week was not a fluke, as a similar 68 percent heard ‘a lot’ about Trump in a similar survey in late August.

The poll and analysis above are part of a collaboration between SurveyMonkey, The Washington Post and researchers at the University of Michigan and Georgetown University. Data collection and analysis were managed by Mark Blumenthal and Sarah Cho of SurveyMonkey, with design and analysis by Josh Pasek, Stuart Soroka and Michael Traugott from the University of Michigan and Jonathan Ladd of Georgetown.”

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