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Jenny Radesky
Jenny Radesky

A New Study Revealed A Link Between Digital Media Use And ADHD In Kids And Teens

By Joe Blair, Health Thoroughfare 7/25/18

Kids navigating on social media or playing games on their smartphones is a view we see every day. However, this habit might not be as harmless as it may appear at first glance. A new study published in JAMA reveals that there is a link between digital media use and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD.

As the National Institute of Mental Health describes it, ADHD manifests through the loss of focus during tasks, continuous moving, agitation, and difficulties in maintaining the concentration during reading, lectures, or even regular conversations.

The new study reveals that children who usually spend time on their smartphones, tablets, or laptops checking social media, commenting on posts, sharing stuff online, and so on, are more likely to develop ADHD symptoms as soon as in a couple of years of such activity, as reported by Jenny Radesky, MD, and researcher at the Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics at the University of Michigan Medical School.

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